Mikhail Gorbachev: New European Soviet coming to Canada


In 1972, the elite-owned PARTI QUEBECOIS published its detailed “political manifesto” calling for a Communist State of Quebec.

The real reason for the Quebec referendums, according to the manifesto, is to get control of the powers of Parliament to use them to construct a Communist “Plan”.

I not only have the manifesto, I have a segment from a 1972 French CBC Radio tape in which one expert compares Quebec under the PQ manifesto to the former SFRY (Yugoslavia), which was a Communist satellite of the Soviet Union.

The PQ’s 1972 manifesto was not produced in English. I am translating it, and the radio show, and will make the translations available.

We are under socialist control, right now. We are manipulated and controlled by sophisticated, slick, modern “media Stalinism” and news control.

They lie about everything, in particular, “national unity”, and I can prove it. The Meech Lake Accord, the Charlottetown Accord, LIES. Not at all about “national unity”, but fundamentally about dismantling Canada for regional union.

The so-called “Patriation” was a fraud, and a front to impose a UN-style “new” constitution to tie Canada down, because our lawful Parliament of 1867 could not be bound. They overthrew the lawful Parliament in 1982, and replaced it with a rubber dummy. I can prove it.

The UN Charter was written by Soviets and Communists. Canada’s “new” “coup Charter” was written by pro-Soviets and Communists.

Quebec author Frédéric Bastien reports that Fidel Castro “celebrated” when Trudeau imposed the “new” “Charter”.

They “bound” the new, phony parliament under a UN-style “Charter”, to which our lawful, “supreme” Parliament on the Westminster model could not adhere because it is below no other authority, except the electoral will of the FREE Canadian people.

I have documents by some of the conspirators in the 1982 COUP D’ETAT on Canada, in which it is clear they know the “new” constitution they are planning is a COUP.

I have documents of a principal conspirator shortly after the 1982 “patriation” coup, admitting it was a coup and declaring that nothing can be done about it, because in previous coups, philosopher of law Hans Kelsen was a “comfort to the judicial mind” when courts were asked to recognize the acts of other courts under coup regimes.

I have news for that fellow:  Hans Kelsen won’t do them the least bit of good.

The 1998 Supreme “court” “secession” reference was another major phase in the same coup. A fraud from top to bottom, it has no remote connection with “law”. It is designed to force the rest of Canada into a regional union with a veiled Communist Quebec. And I will prove it.

Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American (Soviet) Union
(Those are two different web sites with different content.)

Other sources: You can also read Lithuanian-American, Vilius Brazenas, on “The New European Soviet“.

Audaces Fortuna Juvat
Translations: “Luck favors the brave”
and: “Who Dares Wins”

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