URGENT UPDATE (1 April 2014)

Kathleen MooreHi, everybody. This is an urgent note to tell you that my web host has shut off my cpanel access, meaning the main controls to all my web sites.

ALL my sites will therefore VANISH any minute. However, I am working hard to get them all back up elsewhere, it’s a lot of work, and it will be a few days or so before things are back to normal.

I have been with this host on a monthly basis for 18 months. There has been “unusual” interference in the back end of my principal blogs and web sites. It doesn’t look like typical “hacking”. And it isn’t “malware”. It’s an intruder. I use 120-bit encryption in my passwords, and I don’t think that it’s a hacker. It has not happened to me on any other server, free or paid.

Last week, I installed a slew of security plugins to monitor for intruders.

This week, just a few days later, by surprise, the web host sent me a threatening email (which I received 3 days later), alleging my blogs were full of “malware”.

He had shut off my entire account, and taken down all my web sites. You may have noticed this site offline the other day.

The web host claimed the “malware” was caused by my not updating scripts and plugins. However, the very web sites the web host accused, had been fully updated by me the previous week!

Moreover, the “malware” he claimed to have discovered was allegedly all linked to the default wordpress themes that are provided by WordPress itself, during the automatic instals. These were not my themes, I wasn’t even using them! And even these default themes were current and up-to-date.

On account of these allegations that I was not “updating” my scripts, the web host declared he would cancel my hosting account!

Do you think it is reasonable to threaten to put a dozen web sites offline, belonging to a good client who pays, because they “allegedly” did not update WordPress default themes?

Does that sound pretty exaggerated to you?

If you know anything about WordPress, and hosting, nobody who values his 3 domain name renewals a year, and his $10 USD a month hosting fees on a paltry 4GB of space, is going to threaten a client on account of “updates”. And in particular, as I am quick to do my updates, even though I use my own themes, and not themes by WordPress.

When I found his email and his threat, I wrote back to him, denying his allegations. I pointed out that the very sites he accused of not being “updated” had indeed been updated just last week

A dispute then transpired, and he has now shut off my cpanel, although my hosting was and is always paid up to date. In fact, I had added $10.00 USD balance to my hosting account with this web host, to ensure this month was paid in advance. Nonetheless, he has marked my hosting “CANCELLED”.

As a result, THIS PRESENT web site, and ALL my web sites — all of which are ideologically linked to my main site, which is HABEAS CORPUS CANADA, will vanish very soon.

When you see this web site vanish, DO NOT ASSUME that it is gone.

I am working hard in the background to re-upload and re-instal it elsewhere, and it will re-appear with the SAME DOMAIN NAME.

I thank all my visitors for dropping by, I appreciate your interest, and I request your kind support and patience as I switch servers.

I am a one-woman team with no staff, doing this all myself, learning as I go along. Eventually, all will be back online.

Thank you!
Have a great day, everybody!
Kathleen Moore
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