Jean-Pierre Goyer

Jean-Pierre Goyer
Jean-Pierre Goyer

Jean-Pierre Goyer was born in Ville Saint-Laurent (Quebec) on the 17th of January 1932 and died on the 24th of May 2011 in the city of Montreal.

According to American author and anti-communist, Alan Stang — featured at this present Web site — pro-Soviet prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau made Jean-Pierre Goyer Solicitor-General for Canada …

“when Parliament was not in session and could not question him. … Goyer… has been involved in several pro-Communist fronts. And he has attended Communist meetings behind the Iron Curtain. Like his friend Trudeau, he is a revolutionary.”

At Canada’s parliamentary archive site, Goyer is featured with a string of acronyms after his name:

The Hon. Jean-Pierre Goyer, P.C., Q.C., B.A., S.A., LL.B.

That would mean “Privy Councillor”, “Queen’s Counsel” (meaning a senior lawyer), “S.A.” — not sure what that could be, but “Soviet Agent” might be appropriate, and “LL.B.”, an initial law degree.

Canada’s controlled press and media to this day refer to Goyer as “The Honorable Jean-Pierre Goyer”, and label him “a federal politician and businessman”. Which is only ironic, since the Communism which Goyer supported was opposed to politics, free elections, and private enterprise. Of course, like our other pro-Communists, Goyer lived a luxury lifestyle (at taxpayers’ expense, of course), and founded a large family. However, Communism is opposed to private property, and objects to the institution of the family.

As a final irony, Goyer was buried from St-Viateur d’Outremont church in 2011 in a religious ceremony, while of course Communism is officially anti-religious and “secular”. But then, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was also buried from Church, in a Catholic ceremony attended by his “faithful friend”, Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro.

After all, what good is a Soviet agent if he can’t keep up a good front to the very end.


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