New!  CANADA How The Communists Took Control, Alan Stang’s Full Article Now Online!

CANADA How The Communists Took Control

By Alan Stang

CANADA How The Communists Took Control By Alan Stang, 1971

CANADA How The Communists Took Control By Alan Stang, 1971

It’s very exciting to finally be able to offer a complete scan of the original American Opinion offprint of Alan Stang’s “CANADA How The Communists Took Control,” published in 1971 at Belmont, Massachusetts.

The document has been hard to find.  It’s in two rare-book collections in Montreal, but the scanning fees demanded were prohibitive.  The cheapest was $5.00 per numbered page, the dearest $25.00 per numbered page.  So, till now, I’ve had to make do with the poorly scanned partial copy that I found online many years ago.

Inspired by this article, my first “Stang” site went online around 2011 in powrhost, a free WordPress host that doesn’t exist any more.  In fact, it was a miracle that I moved to a different host, a paid host, when I did.  Powrhost gave no notice before it went offline, taking all its web sites with it.

The Stang site then went up for about 18 months at Visiba, a host I would never recommend due to endless vandalism to my web sites on their servers.

I put a backup version of my Stang site into localhost (xampp) on July 11, 2014 and used it to launch this current site in the free service at, the same year.  A couple of weeks ago, I paid to upgrade to basic hosting (all it really does is remove the toe-fungus ads), and it comes with a new domain.  In fact, allcheapweb (wild west domains; secureservers) stole the first domain,, on the last day before it expired, and it seems to now be in the hands of some Japanese guy who has put a junk site on it.

I shopped for Stang’s “Canada” item online again this week, not expecting to come up with it after all these years of nothing.  I needed a nice clean scan of the telegram of Jean-Louis Gagnon in the centerfold for the next segment of my article on Paul Fromm, a faux  conservative spy for the national police of Canada reporting to none other than Lester Bowles Pearson (Soviet agent) and Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Red Millionaire), heading our communist-penetrated federal government of Canada.

But, this time, I got lucky.  There were at least three copies for sale through Amazon.  But Amazon denied my attempts to buy any of the three, claiming no delivery to Canada!

I searched online again because I’ve learned something:  many sub-sellers of Amazon, and of other book dealers online, feature the same document at multiple retailers.  Lo and behold, I found the Stang reprint right away at Willis Monie Books ( for an amazing $5.00 USD (five yankee bucks)!  I added ten more yankee bucks for International Priority Mail and received it hand-to-hand from the postman (or should I say post-lady) today, Friday, November 1st, 2019, in great condition.

Monie did a good job of wrapping the little offprint in clear cellophane and stiff cardboard slid into a padded bubble envelope.  That’s nice service for five bucks.

Robert E. Updike (signature)

The original offprint is tiny, only about 6″ x 9″ folded, stapled and trimmed.  The front cover is navy blue and white with black text.  Everything else is black and white.  The signature of the previous owner in very elegant handwritten script is on the cover, between the title and Stang’s name as author.  The signature seems to be Robert E. Updike.  So, Bob, if you’re out there, thanks very much for the copy!

I’ve scanned it at 200 dpi (removed the signature from the cover scan) and OCR’d the little pamphlet, then put it online for free at SCRIBD, thus the pamphlet is embedded, above.  The original of the pamphlet, which I no longer need, has been donated to the Quebec Archives.  They have one copy in preservation at their Rare Books facility in Montreal; now they have another.

Also fun to have are the full-page ads at the back of the brochure for two books by Western Islands, G. Edward Griffin’s The Fearful Master, A Second Look at the United Nations; and The C.F.R. [The Council on Foreign Relations] Conspiracy To Rule The World  by Dan Smoot.  A third ad makes me want to go shop for this one:  Robert Welch’s The Politician, first out in 1963.

I hope you enjoy the new word-searchable, complete copy of CANADA How the Communists Took Control by Alan Stang, hosted here at “No Snow in Moscow,” the Canadian web site in Stang’s honor.  The pamphlet is also embedded on the About tab, top menu.

Oh, yes, and one great perk that came with the issue is the short blurb inside the front cover.  “About the author” says:

Alan Stang is a former business editor for Prentice-Hall, Inc., and has written, produced, and done research for network radio and television.  Mr. Stang is an AMERICAN OPINION Contributing Editor and is author of the Western Islands bestsellers, It’s Very Simple and The Actor.  Author Stang, who earned his B.A. at City College of New York and his Masters at Columbia University, spent months researching this article and interviewed authorities on the scene in Canada.

Reprints of this copyrighted article, Canada  by Alan Stang, are available at the following prices:  One to 99 copies, three for one dollar; 100-999 copies, twenty-five cents each; 1,000 or more copies, twenty cents each.

This article first appeared in AMERICAN OPINION magazine, a Conservative journal of opinion in April of 1971.  The subscription rate for AMERICAN OPINION, to any address in the United States, is ten dollars per year; twelve dollars to other countries.  For either reprints or subscriptions, address:

Belmont, Massachusetts 02178

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