Exclusive English Translation of the 1972 CBC Radio Roundtable on the 1972 Parti Québécois Manifesto

Exclusive English translation of the 1972 Manifesto of the Parti Québécois for a Communist State of Québec


An exclusive English translation of the French CBC Radio show discussing the 1972 manifesto of the Parti Québécois is now on the library tab: CBC Radio 1972.

This is a discussion of the Parti Québécois plan for a Communist state of Quebec, which according to the Manifesto itself will be linked to Canada, and linked to America, by treaties and other agreements.

The transcript and translation are side by side for the convenience of other researchers wishing to verify the text. A rough timeline of the broadcast is given in the left-hand column to facilitate comparison with the audio tape found online at CBC Radio-Canada Archives:


The translation is available as both a Word (.doc) file and a PDF free download at Zippyshare:

Download this document (Radio show transcription / translation) as a Word (.doc) file:

Download this document (Radio show transcription / translation) as a PDF file:

Also on the Library tab (Quand nous serons) is a 22-page segment entitled “Les objectifs économiques du Plan” – (“The Economic Objectives of the Plan”). This is Chapter 6 of the actual Parti Québécois 1972 (Communist) Manifesto, “Quand nous serons vraiment chez nous” (“When are truly at home”).

Again, this is a side-by-side translation for the convenience of other researchers. Underlined sections are points for my own research; I’ve left them, as you may find them interesting.

Highlighted text (black on silver) is subject to revision.

I recommend you read the radio transcript first.

Several other segments have been translated and will be placed online here, as soon as possible.

An accurate page-for-page scan of the 1972 complete document of the Parti Québécois manifesto, entitled “Quand nous serons vraiment chez nous” converted to PDF, can be viewed and read online:

View it now: http://en.calameo.com/books/000747447ddd8b11af7e2

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UPDATE: FREE DOWNLOAD now available for researchers:


The 7zip folder contains: (1) the AUDIO TAPE of the French CBC radio show discussing the Manifesto; (2) The Table of Contents of the Manifesto (Translated); (3) an 18-MB PDF file of the manifesto (scanned at the law library of the French University of Montreal; (4) an OCR of the manifesto.

QUAND – The PQ Manifesto – PDF file & OCR.7z





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