Paul Martin, Jr.

 photo Paul_Martin_Jr_150x.png
Paul Martin, Junior


A Father-and-Son World Government Event

A young Paul Martin with his dad, Paul Martin Senior, attends a “model United Nations” exercise on behalf of Canada:
 photo Young_Paul_Martin_Jr_with_Senior_at_Model_UN_150x.png

 photo Young_Paul_Martin_in_front_of_Canada_Steamship_Liines_150x300_vg50_glare.png

As a young man, Paul Martin stands in front of Canada Steamship Lines Limited (1966). (Makes him a candidate for membership of the “secret committee” documented by referendum insider, Jean-François Lisée in “The Secret Committee of Power” chapter of his 1991 book, In The Eye of the Eagle.)

That may even be the same building where the “secret committee” meetings were held. If so, this young political hound with a father in politics, a Communist card-carrying, IPR-member father with whom he attended dad-and-son model UN meetings, could hardly resist the globalist tricks being planned in the Montreal offices of Power Corporation at their CSL shipping building.

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